J.R., Sue Ellen and the Sanitarium

If I remember the 1980’s correctly, there was a nighttime soap opera called “Dallas” where the women were beautiful, the men tore their ties from their necks when upset, and there was a lot of money.

There was also a lot of fiction. I recall not who shot JR, but that JR did a lot to deserve being shot. For example he constantly was threatening to put his wife, Sue Ellen, in a sanitarium. I am not sure what a “sanitarium” is in Texas but I suspect it is a home for the mentally ill.

For  us here in Washington State, 30 years later, we can rest assured that marriage alone is not a basis to have one or both members of the union committed. Normally the rules call for the least restrictive alternative for those declared to be incompetent. This unfortunately is not always in the best interest of the incapacitated.

I recall a Judge deciding an elderly lady could be granted her wish, and return to her home so long as supervised 24/7. The caretaker turned her back after the lady appeared to be asleep, only to have her rise, trip and fall to her death on a bed knob. I tore my necktie from my shirt when I heard.


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