Courtroom Attire – The Wife Beater

The Court Commissioners hearing family law matters in my county have a name for the shirt men sometimes wear to court. It is called “The Wife Beater”.

This was a shirt with sleeves at one point, but those have been rather carelessly torn off exposing the upper arms of the man. Normally these arms bear tattoos, not that there is anything wrong with that, apparently.

Also normally seen on the domestic violence calendar are T-shirts bearing various messages about the wearer and how he is to be understood. “Eat My Dirt” with an image of a monster truck is a common message the respondent gives to the bench. Not the brightest.

Women are by no means necessarily presenting well either. Often the statement made by what is worn is “I am a prostitute” or “I am cheap, difficult, and manipulative”.

Large signs are posted outside of family court: “No Chewing Gum, No Food, No Drinks, No Firearms or Weapons, No Cellphones.” Translation: This is not the movies, the 2nd Amendment is suspended in Court, and we consider a cell phone ring as offensive as the clothes you are wearing.


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