How Not to Pick a Lawyer

A browse through the yellow page advertising for lawyers is always an adventure. The larger the advertisement the greater the cost to the lawyer to support the advertisement. The impact on the ultimate fees charged is usually evident, without any real enhancement to competence in my experience.

One guy’s yellow page advertisement added the tag line “Serving you locally, and nation wide” which is impossible as he would have to be licensed in 50 states. He was later disbarred, can you imagine?

If you are going to rely on the yellow pages, I recommend you cut out the pictures of the people who seem to have the best advertisement, arrange them in a circle then place a bottle in the middle of the circle.

Then spin the bottle.

2 comments on “How Not to Pick a Lawyer

  1. Or maybe when this lawyer referred to “nationwide” he meant he was licensed in another state that is located on the opposite coast of his home state? So technically he is “nationwide”?? haha…

    • Most states have recipercal disbarrment. Disbarred one place means disbarred everywhere.

      Once in my county a lawyer was in the middle of a trial when the clerk happened to see the disbarment noitce in California reciprocated by the Washington State Bar. The trial abruptly ended as did the career of the lawyer.

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