Representing Veterans: They Have Seen More Than Anyone Should

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I have had the pleasure of representing Veterans, most often in the estate planning context. Sometimes I think my courtroom tales curl the toes, but the truth is the conflict we address day in and day out is without bloodshed. The tales these men tell evidence more at stake  and a privilege to hear.B-24

An older fellow was brought in with a scar running vertically across his forehead. During WWII he had been ground crew in England for the bombing campaign in Europe but volunteered to fly as the pay was 50% higher, $225 a month instead of $150. He was assigned to a B-24 as a tail gunner as he was small of stature.consolidated-b-24-liberator-bomber-hit-by-flak-02

The story is a German flak shell exploded near his plane blowing out the windows of his gunnery seat and causing the gash in his forehead. “I liked Europe”, he said, “but I went at the wrong time.

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