Governance of the Country

Lawyers Road Review

My daughter works inside the beltway of Washington D.C. She tries to make it better, really. But factors get in her way. beltway

Sometimes she comes across a madness that seems to reflect a need to present a front to the media. Talking heads seem to lead to a poll, which seem to lead to remarkable events, like a party willing to bring the country to the brink of disaster because they worry about the legislation of our lawfully elected government has already passed.

Same as it ever was

Except it is not.

Instead of the faith we have in the people we have elected, wisely discharging the public trust, ostensibly able to change things if they don’t work out we are governed by talking heads on television and the polls they generate. That is the new face of democracy.
talking heads

Congress lacks confidence. They instead live in fear of these people we apparently listen to and…

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