Mark Patterson II at Deception Pass

I was born on the hottest day in 1958 in Everett Washington and I grew up there. I have encountered a lot of heat since then. That is where I practice law now as a second generation lawyer, following my father who truly is a modern day Atticus Finch.

Things were simpler in 1958. For reasons the people of my hometown don’t really want to know about, the world has become a lot more complex. That is where I come in, as I am schooled in the secret knowledge of lawyers.


One comment on “About

  1. Nicholas Everett says:

    I am soon to be a 2L at Syracuse University College of Law and I was recently introduced to your blog. My girlfriend is a joint JD/MPA student who is classmates with your daughter and she sent me this link.

    I am very interested in estate planning and your blog is quite entertaining, as well as insightful. Keep up the blogging and I will keep reading.



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