Men, Women and Executrix

Because equality is fashionable now, the law has drained the gender out of everything, even death. No longer is a woman making a will called a Testatrix. Sorry ladies, we are all Testators now. No longer is her husband the Executor of the will. Or if the roles are reversed and he dies appointing his wife the Executrix in his will that name is buried with him.

Instead after we die we appoint a “personal representative”, an androgynous person who is not allowed to cry or be remotely human. We are all faceless government functionaries now carrying out the acts of administration and winding up the estate.

This is what our legislature does with it’s time; rooting out every possible reference to a bit of remaining individuality that is gender. Once doing research I found a statue had been amended, and clicked the hyper link to see what had changed. I stumbled upon a document listing the effort someone in our budget strapped state to take the “he” and “she” out of every statute in the state in favor of androgyny.

It’s almost Stalinist, rewriting history to fit the current power structure. The amendments went on for several pages, single spaced, line after line listing code section after code section so revised. Right, this is an important task someone carried out?

My clients still use gender terms like Executrix, and I allow it in the privacy of my office. Our conversations are confidential and privileged so there is little chance any of them will be denounced as sexist.

Image by Thurber, used apparently with permission.