Lawyers Never Retire

Lawyers Never Retire. Lawyers spend a week at most in this scene, then return to being lawyers.

My father has been retired now for 10 years. But as soon as he left the office, he somehow managed a desk at the city attorneys office. When there was a car – bus accident he would defend the bus.

He finally gave up that desk a couple years ago. But he still is working; not at a desk, but the mind keeps going.

On the way to the Mariners game this weekend he told me he was having dreams still about practicing. There is a reoccurring dream he and all lawyers have. They are in court and totally unprepared.

Members of the bench have mentioned to me that is no dream, that is the state of the bar now. You see that a lot I am afraid, among the latest generation of lawyers. Perhaps they will retire, or be forced to.

Lawyers never retire, but perhaps it is best to leave the litigation to someone else, and try to get some sleep.